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A fresh start. A new beginning. Perfect in every detail. The approach we’ve taken to creating our new website and branding is the same one we use when we’re serving our customers: with care, commitment and the necessary attention to detail. Our journey to reach this point has been intense but enjoyable, and now we’re proud to present our new identity to you! Guiding your way Home is our slogan. These four words are the essence of what we do. We guide you in every detail of your international move, helping you on your way to your new home, relaxed and carefree.

Carefree international relocation: Guiding your way Home

We want you to look back on your international move with fond memories. That’s why everything we do is aimed at taking care of everything for you and making you feel at ease about every aspect of your move. Our experience will guide you every step of your move. Our personal Move Managers help you with all the details, answering questions, doing all the administration and coming up with handy solutions. We are here to help. Because if you have good memories, that means your move went the way you’d hoped it would. We want you to feel relaxed and at home throughout. How? By using Schmidt’s 3 S’s: Personal Service, High Standards and Perfect Solutions.

Personal Service

We understand you don’t move abroad every day, so we are here to give you all the support and assistance you need. From the first time we meet until well after your relocation, our personal Move Manager will take care of everything related to your move. They will keep you informed of the status of your move and act as your permanent contact person so you always know who to contact with your questions and requests.

High Standards

As a family business, we strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction. By working with our own staff and vehicles, we guarantee that your possessions will be packed, handled and transported with care. Outside mainland Europe, we work with reliable partners who meet the same high standards as we do. Everything to make your international move run as smoothly as possible.

Perfect Solutions

Last but not least: our perfect solutions. We provide full-service removals – matching your wishes in every detail. Flexible and solution-oriented. We ensure safe delivery of your possessions to your new home, wherever in the world that may be!

That’s how we guarantee you wonderful memories of a carefree move to your new international destination! That’s what we call Guiding your way Home.

Ben Schmidt, CEO Schmidt Global Relocations

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