Schmidt Global Relocations and Mudinmar Mobility ‘guiding your way home’

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Schmidt Global Relocations has specialized and certified agents in every country: partners who work according to the same high standards as we do. With this strong, worldwide network we guarantee international moves are taken care of in the last detail. One of these partners is Gregorio Martinez, owner and CEO of Mudinmar Mobility from Spain. A few years ago Schmidt and Gregorio came into contact at the IAM conference in Long Beach, California. From that point the collaboration was started. Curious about how Gregorio experiences the collaboration with Schmidt Global Relocations? Read it here!

Mudinmar Mobility

The family business Mudinmar Mobility was founded in 1988. Gregorio’s company has grown into the specialist in international relocations in Spain. “With three branches in the major cities of Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia), we serve the whole of Spain, including the associated islands. In addition, we are not only specialized in ‘groupage’ relocations to and from Spain. Also in relocations to and from South America”, says Gregorio. What is the focus of Mudinmar Mobility? “On good service, fast delivery times and excellent collaborations with agents all over the world. That is exactly the reason for the collaboration with Schmidt. Mudinmar Mobility and Schmidt agreed that it is difficult for a moving company to meet quality and service when you choose to carry out all relocations completely by yourself. Working together with agents all over the world is therefore the best way to make -international- relocations successful.”

Better prices and better services

The close collaboration with Schmidt Global Relocations provides a win-win situation for both parties. “It helps us both in optimizing our -international- relocations, resulting in sharper prices and better services,” says Gregorio. He continues: “In addition, Schmidt has a good reputation in the field of -international- groupage removals and the company carries out interesting groupage removals to and from Australia and the United States. That is new for us.”

Will you also join us like Gregorio? By connecting to our strong and reliable network are logistic challenges, half loaded containers and commitments not being fulfilled the past. Collaborating with moves does not only strengthen each other but we also work on a long-lasting partnership. We guarantee quality by working according to high FIDI-standards, our own fleet of vehicles and crew in Europe. We do what we promise.

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