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Planning on emigrating to America? Need a removal firm for your overseas move? Schmidt Global Relocations offers you safe door-to-door transportation of all your belongings to the United States. We understand the impact of your move and know how much you value your belongings. That’s why we will constantly keep you informed and work with our own, trusted people who meet our own high standards.

Every week we ship containers and air freight to America for our customers. In addition, we send ‘groupage containers’ on a monthly basis. This means several removals are carried in one container, ideal for people who don’t want to ship an entire container and who want to keep the costs low.  Thanks to our extensive and very reliable network, every customer can expect the same service in America as they get from us in Europe.

Different freight options to America

People generally opt for sea freight. This can be done as FCL (Full Container Load), which means the entire container is for one customer. The most cost-effective option is as groupage shipment in sea freight where several families moving to the United States share a large sea container, with several removals in one container. The advantage is that this reduces costs but transit times are sometimes longer than when you have your own FCL container. Delivery times vary per type of freight and location: from 8 weeks for a personal container to the West Coast door-to-door (e.g. Los Angeles), 6 weeks for the East Coast (e.g. New York), to 10 to 14 weeks for groupage. It is also possible to opt for LCL (Less than Container Load), ideal for small households. The household contents are then usually loaded into a box so nothing can get lost. Transit time is often relatively short, but if you want to receive your items in the minimum time, you can always opt for air freight. This will arrive within a couple of days, but is more expensive.

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” Just to let you know that your team was very good doing the moving last Monday in my home. Very professional and very quick. Thanks again for helping us on the moving. “


From New York
to Washington to Los Angeles

When moving to America, you must take into account a number of products that you are not allowed to import. These include hazardous substances (including dyes), drugs, alcohol (permitted, but not recommended due to high import tariffs) and products derived from protected species and reptile products, such as snakeskin. It is also not permitted to import ivory and ivory products (even the keys of your piano may be made of ivory). It is also very complex and costly to import motor vehicles. Only vehicles produced in America and classic cars older than 25 years may be imported. Note: Even if a vehicle is produced in America, the costs can be substantial.

Don’t forget to arrange the necessary documents for moving to America. For example:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of packing list (provided by Move Manager)
  • Customs documents for USA (provided by Move Manager)
  • Copy of visa

For all your questions about your international move you can contact your personal Move Manager. As committed specialists, we supervise your move to America and take care of every detail. That’s what we call: ‘Guiding your way Home’.

Green card
If you want to emigrate to the USA, you must have a visa. This is required if you are staying in America for more than 90 days. If you want to stay in America permanently, you will need a green card. This will permit you to buy a house and work in America. A green card also entitles you to the same rights as other residents of the United States.

There are several ways you can receive a green card. You can join the diversity lottery, a lottery that gives away 55,000 residence permits each year. Alternatively, you can obtain a permanent residence permit through an American employer. However, you must first have an employer who is prepared to arrange this for you. Finally, there is also the possibility of marriage; by marrying an American citizen, you will become eligible for a green card.

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