Get to know Schmidt Global Relocations: Private Sales Specialist Reinier Reints

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Since 2005 Reinier has been active in the moving industry. After graduating he started to work in the business and after a short introduction period in the moving industry, he moved to Kiev to work for a large relocation company for two years. After these two years he took his belongings and started to work as a General Manager in Moscow for a Russian moving company. End of 2021 he decided to return to the Netherlands after 15 years in Russia. Meanwhile he is fully integrated at Schmidt Global Relocations in the Private Sales team. Curious about the experiences Reinier has gained in the moving industry in the last years? Please read below.

In the moving industry in the Netherlands

What was the motivation that Reinier returned to the Netherlands after all these years? “In 2021 I was planning to go back but it has not been specific until the situation worsened in Russia. This was the main reason to leave”, explains Reinier. He continues: “Of course, also in the Netherlands I wanted to work in the moving industry and in 2021 I had already contact with Schmidt but it was not possible to move back to the Netherlands on a short notice. This time my return was final, I contacted Schmidt again and now I am working as a Private Sales Specialist in the sales team.”


Years of experience and FIDI-certificates are great features for starting this job function and to initiate employment at Schmidt Global Relocations. Reinier achieved various FIDI-certificates in the last years. Accomplishments that shows he is knowledgeable of the highest quality standards within the international moving industry. “In 2018 I successfully completed the the FIDI-certificate ‘Essentials in International Moving’ and in 2012 I participated in the FIDI Academy webinars ‘Customer Service’, ‘Selling Effectively’ and ‘Time Management’. These certificates are well in line with the working procedures and the high standards of Schmidt. They are also FIDI-certified and that was important to me’.

High standards and services

At Schmidt Global Relocations we work according to high standards and services and that is exactly why this job is challenging. “the move of personal belongings can be a stressfull event for a customer and especially to another country. The most challenging part is to comfort and provide trust that we execute the move professionally and with care after a short conversation. At the same time it is very exciting as well. I’m guiding their way home”, tells Reinier.

Adding Reinier to the sales team Schmidt Global Relocations has an experienced and knowledgeable moving specialist in the organisation. Together with his colleagues he executes and take professional care of the move of your personal belongings. Everything to ensure that your international move is comfortable.

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