Emigrating and moving to Australia: Five tips from Schmidt Global Relocations

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Emigrating to Australia is a big step. Whether you’re moving to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or any other location in Australia, Schmidt Global Relocations will be happy to help you with your international move to ‘Down Under’. This is why we’re sharing five tips for a successful move to Australia.

1. Arrange everything well before your departure

An emigration to Australia isn’t arranged in a day. Before you can start working in Australia, for example, you will need permission from the Australian government. This requires a visa which takes time. So, we advise you to apply for these well in advance of your move. In addition to a visa, you’ll also need other documents before you can emigrate to Australia. Please take a look at our Moving Guide for Australia or visit the website of the Australian government.

2. Compare the different freight options to Australia

Sea freight is the most commonly chosen freight option when our customers move their household contents to Australia. You can choose between Full Container Load (FCL: where a whole container is for one customer), groupage transport (ideal when you’re only moving small amount of your household contents and want to ship them as economically as possible). Depending on your choice, you can expect your household contents to travel from door-to-door to Australia within 8 to 14 weeks. If you’re in a hurry to receive your household contents, you can always choose air freight. This will arrive within a few days, but will involve higher costs.

3. Check what you can and cannot import into Australia

Our Move Managers are often asked which products you’re allowed to import into Australia and what’s better left at home. Please visit the Country Guide: Australia on the website iammovers.org for the exact list. It explains in detail what you are allowed to take with you to Australia and what documentation you may need.

We want to highlight a number of products that are prohibited. In addition to drugs and other prohibited substances, animals or animal products, plants, legumes and fruits are a few of the most notable items that cannot be imported:

  • Soil or sand: also check that you’ve none stuck to your bicycle tires or the soles of your shoes, for example.
  • Pine cones or pine needles: check the boxes with your Christmas decorations just in case. There are often a few pine needles in between the decorations.
  • Wicker baskets or other wicker products.

4. Note: All goods go into quarantine to protect the local flora and fauna

No matter how large or small your shipment to Australia, all goods will be quarantined. The reason for this is that, as an island, Australia stringently protects its flora and fauna. A customs officer will inspect all the goods and decide whether gamma radiation or gasification is needed, for example, to kill any traces of organic material. This check takes between 10 and 14 working days. Any costs of gassing or gamma radiation are covered by the owner of the goods. Please keep this in mind before packing. Check your bikes and shoes for traces of sand and mud, check your Christmas decorations for pine needles and check any wooden items for holes that may contain woodworm.

5. Get advice from a Schmidt personal Move Manager

Schmidt Global Relocations is at your service to ensure that your move to Australia goes without a hitch. We will connect you to a Move Manager, who will answer any questions you might have. Thanks to years of experience, they know exactly what to look out for when packing and documenting your household contents and when to request certain documentation. They will also arrange everything you don’t have time for or don’t have the expertise to take care of yourself. Our personal Move Managers are not only there for you before and during the move, but also after you’re settled in Australia.

If you have any questions about this blog, or if would you like more information about our services for a carefree move to Australia, please contact us. OUR MOVE MANAGERS will be happy to help you out!

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