The 5 most frequently asked questions about an international move

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You are moving to another country which is an exciting period. When you move within Europe or intercontinental, many factors should be considered, as it is not completed in one day. Your household goods can be on its way via road, sea, air, or a combination, for several weeks before reaching the final destination.

Schmidt Global Relocation guiding your way home…

Schmidt Globals’ specialized team will handle your international move in detail, with personal Move Managers who will be your guide during the entire process. We understand the impact of a move and know the value of your properties. Therefore, we update you during the process, work with own, trusted movers and international partners according to high FIDI-standards, to guarantee you feel comfortable until your goods reach their destination. To prepare you for your international move, we share the five most frequently asked questions for international moving.

1. How long does an international move take?

Depending on the country of origin, the destination, access, special requirements, budget, and the type of move; it varies from a few days, to 1 week or even six months. A good planning will minimize surprises and allow you to enjoy the move.

2. Which documents are necessary?

This also depends on the country of destination. When moving within Europe there are less documents to be provided than moving intercontinental, to countries such as the USA.
The sooner the necessary documents are with us, the quicker we can execute your move.

3. What items can I ship internationally?

You can ship most personal and household items internationally, such as furniture, clothing, and other household goods. Prohibited items vary from country to country, we will provide you with the customs guide for your destination. Before your goods are being packed, it is recommended to have a critical look and choose the items you do not need or can easily replace in the destination country. That way you will not pay to take the things that you do not need.

4. What are storage and insurance possibilities?

When you move internationally, you may need to store some of your goods, even if it is only temporarily, while you get settled and find a place to live. We offer storage services in our own facility in the Netherlands, but we can also provide storage via partners in other countries. It is advised to have adequate insurance coverage for your goods, since moving your belongings overseas will put them at a greater risk of being damaged. Make sure to cover your goods and protect them in the unfortunate event that they are lost or damaged. We can help you with both requests of course.

5. What is the process of an international move?

1. You come in contact with Schmidt Global Relocations
2. Determine all necessary information and your special needs
3. Quote
4. Come to an agreement
5. Preparations of the move
6. The move
7. Guided your way home!

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