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If you are moving to Belgium or coming back to the Netherlands from Belgium, we will be happy to help you with your move. As committed specialists, we at Schmidt Global Relocations supervise your move and take care of every detail. We have access to professional equipment and experienced people in the field of removals.

You can always expect high standards from us, because by working with our own people and vehicles we guarantee your belongings will be packed, handled and transported with care.

moving to Belgium with Schmidt
always meets the following expectations:


Wij geven u vrijblijvend een richtprijs voor uw internationale verhuizing


” Very Polite and really really hardworking team. Very helpfull indeed. Very pleased with the service provided leaving Belgium. “

J.C. Immer

From Antwerp
to Brussels to Ghent

Schmidt Global Relocations will gladly take care of your entire move. Our removal service includes the dismantling and reassembly of your furniture, taking apart your cabinets and other furniture and expertly putting them back together for you. We also pack all your belongings professionally and with care. Or you could pack everything yourself, if you prefer. All you have to do is make sure everything is packed and ready. The removal team will then load everything into the truck and unload it at its destination in Belgium or the Netherlands. Just give us instructions for where you want everything to go and we’ll make sure it’s there!

Moving in multiple stages
If you cannot move in one go, we can also move you in several stages. This enables you to start the process at your own speed, without the pressure of having to arrange your move all at once.

For all your questions about your international move you can contact your personal Move Manager. As committed specialists, we supervise your move to Belgium and take care of every detail. That’s what we call: ‘Guiding your way Home’.

Wij geven u vrijblijvend een richtprijs voor uw internationale verhuizing

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