Stressfree move to Switzerland thanks to professional and friendly removal team

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Seven years ago, Karin Vermeulen-Jansen moved from the Netherlands to Switzerland with her husband and five children. During a previous international move, the company specified the removal company, but this time around, she could choose one herself. Because previous moves hadn’t always gone smoothly, she requested several quotes and ended up with Schmidt Global Relocations. In this interview, she tells us how this resulted in a carefree move.

Competitive price, and pleasant contacts

From the Netherlands to Curacao, then to Switzerland and back to the Netherlands. The Vermeulen family had already moved many times. In the end, we emigrated to Switzerland again in 2013 and definitely hope to stay here for several years,” says Karin. “For this last move, I did a Google search for removal firms and requested a number of quotes. Ultimately, I opted for Schmidt. We had been given a certain budget and Schmidt’s quote was very competitive. What’s more, our contacts with them were also very pleasant, which gave me a very good feeling about them.”

Schmidt movers made all the difference

Seven years after the move, Karin still has the same positive feeling. “The day of the move is always stressful and it really helps to have people around you who make it a pleasant, enjoyable experience while they’re working. Schmidt’s removal team who were there on the day are what really made a difference. They were friendly and also tidy, which is very important to me. This also gives you the confidence that they’ll handle your belongings well. During past moves, I have seen removal men walking around the house smoking, with a constant stream of odd jokes, which didn’t help me to stay calm at all!”

Moving house quickly and efficiently

“People I know sometimes tell stories about removal companies that need two days to pack up everything, which I never quite understood,” Karin continues. “At Schmidt, packing only took one day and the same was true with unpacking later. Beds, cupboards, everything was taken apart and reassembled. They carry on working until everything is done. Especially when you have children, it’s wonderful to know that you will be able to just go to bed that night. Schmidt is really specialised in international moves. Everything is packed properly and clearance at customs is also handled proficiently. But for me, the people are the most important thing. Schmidt’s employees really enjoy working there, that’s plain to see.”

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