from customers

Najate Benhra
9.5 / 10
Moved from UAE to France.

Very good

10 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to France

Great service, good communication, lovely people, on time delivery. All of our items have been returned from this long relocation: Auckland(New Zealand) – Grenoble(France). Our bikes were very well protected as well. Nothing has been damaged.

9 / 10
Moved from the Netherlands to Portugal.

1. The first sales rep that I spoke to was extremely helpful and quick.
2. Movers were professional, courteous and moved quickly
3. Move done without any damages to homes.

9 / 10
Moved from Bangkok to Budapest.

I have nothing to complain about.

Gabriele Becker
10 / 10
Moved from Australia to Germany.

I was always well informed. I got every information with email. Staff was very friendly and let me know every step of the way. I got every piece of my belongings and nothing was damaged. Really recommend. Thanks for everything 🙂

Virginie Marsais
10 / 10
Moved from the Netherlands to France.

Very reactive customer service. Very professional and friendly movers.I would definitely recommend using Schmidt Global Relocations services.

Wouter de Ridder
9 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to The Netherlands.

Great work

George Hume
9.5 / 10
Moved from Thailand to Switzerland

Once or twice we had to wait a little longer for return emails whilst you were on holiday. This happened around the due delivery date which caused a small amount of extra anxiety knowing or not knowing if we would get a reply. The with picked up by colleagues in time and always resolved but maybe some people would get more upset by this.

9.5 / 10
Moved from Switzerland to Denmark

Overall a very good experience. Personal move manager Daniela Rendon absolutely have things under control and solves issues that arise in the best possible way! The movers were very friendly and helpful and took the best care of our belongings.

Franck Boucher
9.5 / 10
Moved from Australia to France.

Big thanks for looking over my stuff (storage for almost 3 months) from Australia, answering when I called and the final delivery. Job well done, I am happy with your services.

Lena MacCarthy
10 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to Belgium

Great! Very responsive team and really worked well with us to meet our needs.

Robert Stautner
10 / 10
Moved from China to The Netherlands.

Most proffesional I ever seen ! And I moved all over the world.

Nathalie Rosenthal
9.5 / 10
Moved from Denmark to Switzerland

More than satisfied with the entire process from initial contact and offer to receiving our delivery. The movers at both locations were exceptional – so professional, effective, and kind and without a doubt very experienced.

Paul Remy
10 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to France

Excellent experience throughout the move. From the sales to the customer care and movers, each professional was friendly, helpful, and reassuring.

Olga Sylvia
9.5 / 10
Moved from Foster City to The Hague

Overall, I am happy with my move. There are only small negatives. The first one is that I was not informed completely about the procedure. It was my first move, and I didn’t really know what would be the steps of the whole process. Secondly, I think there was miscommunication between the manager and the movers. I was told that the movers would come between 11am and 12pm, but they came before 10am. Luckily, I was home. Finally, the movers damaged the paint in several places, but to be fair the hallway in my apartment is narrow. Plus, the repairs were handled very professionally.

Anne Peters
10 / 10
Moved from Vancouver, Canada to Germany

Everything ran smoothly. Information was aways conveyed in a timely way and I felt that everything was handled very professionally.

Patrick Matthews
10 / 10
Moved from Stockholm Sweden to Cuijk NL

Everything was first class except for one detail, but the rest was so good that detail can be forgotten now.

Claudio Rivetta
10 / 10
Moved from California USA to Zaragoza, Spain

Moving my pertinences from USA to Spain was so simple thanks to the movers of all the companies involved in the process. Everything was simple, all members of the companies were very helpful and friendly. It was a nice experience. Thank you!

María José Bowring
10 / 10
Moved from Barcelona. Spain to Silver Spring, Maryland

I moved my elder parents from Barcelona, Spain to Washington DC, USA. Schmidt made it so easy. Thank you very much!!! Until next time

10 / 10
Moved from Singapore to Finland

Excellent service. The men are very hardworking. Sorry took us a long time to give a review but we cannot miss to give an excellent feedback because the men who brought our items deserved a kudos for their dedication and hard work.

Tim Petersen
10 / 10
Moved from New York to Berlin

Fully satisfactory

Heather Johnson
10 / 10
Moved from Connecticut, United States

This was an amazing experience. The team was great. On time, kind, helpful. Just amazing. Thank you

Frances Salles
10 / 10
Moved from United States to France

Moving personal possessions across the Atlantic mid-pandemic and with the backlog caused by the Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez Canal, meant that the whole process took about three times as long as it should. We had heard some horror stories of shipments arriving in Europe with problems with customs and unexpected payments, and were quite anxious. Getting the email from Miurica at Schmidt Global to stay our possessions were on the continent and cleared through customs was such a relief. Every interaction we had with her professional and efficient, and she was able to get our boxes to us earlier than expected. The two young men who did the actually delivery were extremely courteous and very helpful, as our house is not that accessible. This is a great company – highly recommended. Thank you.

Michel Claereboudt
10 / 10
Moved from Muscat, Oman to Rochefort, Belgium

This was a flawless process, from departure in Oman, to arrival and delivery in Belgium. Really, door to door, without any hassles. A great service at a very reasonable price.

Carrie Raukar
10 / 10
Moved from Hibbing, Minnesota USA to Monster, Zuid-Holland, NL

They gave realistic timelines and were very communicative. We especially appreciate the help in removing excess package material

Minette Visser
10 / 10
Moved from South Africa to Denmark

They gave realistic timelines and were very communicative. We especially appreciate the help in removing excess package material

10 / 10
Moved from Vancouver

Hans was a great and helpfull personal move manager who swiftly helped us with the delivery of our boxes.

8 / 10
Moved from Cape Town to Almere

Amy was amazing and super helpful

Ulvrik Kraft
10 / 10
Moved from Los Angeles, USA to Vennesla, Norway

A really good experience at an affordable price. Nothing but good service throughout the process. I am very pleased and have already recommended the service to friends who were moving overseas.

10 / 10
Moved from Singapore to Luxembourg

Good, just wished the duration of 14 weeks could have reduced

10 / 10
Moved from Singapore to Madrid.

All perfect.

Romain Vigneaux
10 / 10
Moved from UAE to The Netherlands.

Very good, responsiveness has been excellent

C Anderson
10 / 10
Moved from South Africa to Germany.

Excellent communication and delivery within the expected time. Everything ran like clockwork.

10 / 10
Moved from Dubai to Stockholm.

Very well managed this final onshore part in Europe of my relocation back to Sweden. Great, very polite and to the point info from the onset and professional, careful final delivery of the goods.

Dr Nicholas Amigoni
10 / 10
Moved from USA to Italy.

I am very pleased with the overall experience from start to finish. Very professional on all ends of this move of furniture from Chicago to Montecatini, Italy. I was told 8-12 weeks and I seriously was prepared for 16 weeks due to post pandemic shipping issues. It came at 14 weeks and so I was very happy. From the time they packed up all furniture in Chicago to the time it arrived in Rotterdam and then Montecatini, all staff and communications were great as well as the people involved. I highly recommend Transparent Mover and Schmidt Global Relocations to anyone considering a shipment from one continent to another. Bravo!

Wayne Densley
10 / 10
Moved from Hong Kong to Portugal.

Always kept informed, communication is everything. The arrival movers where excellent

Walter P.
10 / 10
Moved from New York to Italy.

Nice a d friendly. Miuruca Was simply exceptional , always ready to answer my emails making my international moving nice and Easy. Bravo!!!!

A Najia
10 / 10
Moved from Dubai to Geneva.

Really impressed and thanks

Sure Hazelwood
10 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to Spain.

Trouble free. Great communication and updates. Happy to recommend.

Marianne Lopes
10 / 10
Moved from South Africa to Switzerland.

The move was coordinated and processed in a very professional way.

Berta Martínez
10 / 10
Moved from Singapore to Madrid.

I had a very traumatic international divorce process so i had to move out Singapore back to Spain, and thankfully all ladies at Schmidt global relocations that coordinated my furniture and personal belongings delivery were extremely nice, understanding and helpful with any questions and also helped me a lot with the paperwork.

Florentien Vaillant
10 / 10
Moved from the Netherlands to Italy.

Perfect service, helpfull guys, friendly, professional

10 / 10
Moved from Den Haag to Sydney Australia.

Excellent moving company! Thanks for making our move easy and for all the updates and support!

Marco Fedele
10 / 10
Moved from Dubai to Geneva.

Updates about the location of the moving was highly appreciated.

Anton Chernomaz
8 / 10
Moved from Israel to Serbia.

It was ok

Marcos Nino-Ruiz
10 / 10
Moved from Australia to Italy.

Great service

9 / 10
Moved from Hong Kong to Ireland.

Good movers!

10 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to Bulgaria.

It’s been a positive and smooth experience. Your entire team has been very professional, helpful, and friendly. Fabienne has been outstanding. Thank you for your great work, it’s been much appreciated.

Monika Tereba
10 / 10
Moved from Malaysia to The Netherlands.

Thank you for your great work in relocating my personal belongings from Asia to Europe!

Olga Lukach
10 / 10
Moved from USA to Hungary.

Very friendly, professional!

10 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to France.

Excellent customer service, friendly and professional. I highly recommend!

Diane Rossi
10 / 10
Moved from South Africa to Italy.

The overall experience on our move was really great. Far better than I expected. Thank you for making this part of our move a pleasant experience. Great service and excellent communication.

10 / 10
Moved from the Netherlands to Switzerland.

The move went very well despite the pile of paper work required at the Swiss border, The Schmidt team helped me get everything done.

Brandon Cestari
10 / 10
Moved from Germany to Spain.

I honestly don’t think I could have asked for better customer service from Schmidt global! The team from Joost in sales, to Amy as our moving manager, to the movers was exemplary. They were always quick to respond to my emails and went into as much detail as required to get me all the info I needed to be able to feel confident with the move. I moved from Berlin to Valencia and the entire process was handled with expert care and professionalism. Even when there was some troubles with the local moving partner in Valencia, Amy dealt with it quickly and managed to ensure everything was addressed without further incident. I can’t recommend Schmidt enough and if I need to move again in future, I will definitely be in touch. Thanks to the whole team involved with our move, you all are superstars!

9 / 10
Moved from UAE to Serbia.

Overall very good

Michael Williams
9 / 10
Moved from Dubai to Portugal.

Very quick and efficient.

Gun Norell
9.5 / 10
Moved from Dubai to Spain.


Erik Breslein
10 / 10
Moved from China to Germany.

All perfect organized; nothing broken, nothing lost. Always available, if I had any question.

10 / 10
Moved from Australia to Switzerland.

Great experience, very helpful team

10 / 10
Moved from Ashdod to Wrocław

Very good service!

Iwo Pokorny
9 / 10
Moved from NYC. to Neuberg (Austria).

Very good!

10 / 10
Moved from the Netherlands to Italy.

Kind and professional.

9.5 / 10
Moved from Melbourne to France.

Was an excellent experience. Held up by Covid related issues, which did not affect the overall satisfaction. Great service and would highly recommend for moving to Europe.

Steven Reisner
10 / 10
Moved from New York to France.

The delivery went very well. The two guys were very good-natured and efficient. They did everything according to the contract and made it seem easy. They spoke English as well, which was a great help for us. At this point, we have unpacked most of our stuff and everything, so far, is in perfect shape. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Marco Solenghi
10 / 10
Moved from China to Italy.

Great service, everything traced and clear!!

9.5 / 10
Moved from USA to Germany.

I had 29 boxes shipped from California to Frankfurt and my shipment arrived in great condition and faster than I anticipated.
Once my shipment was on the water, I was contacted by Ms. Oonk for paperwork. Then, there was a lapse in response from Ms. Oonk and I was a bit worried. After a couple of weeks Ms. Williams took over my account and everything went smooth from there on.
The moving crew led by Jorrit was great! They arrived on time, the truck was state of the art and the whole unloading went great. Jorrit was very considerate and careful, he organized the boxes carefully and very fast! In all, I was very pleased with my experience.

Andreas Vesterlund
9.5 / 10
Moved from New York to Sweden

Very good – great communication!

10 / 10
Moved from New Zealand to Ireland

Amazing customer service and I really appreciated the flexibility to get it delivered exactly when I needed it to arrive.

Oleg Dubovik
9.5 / 10
Moved from New York, USA to Lille, France

It was very good overall.

9.5 / 10
Moved from Cape Town to Amsterdam

Overall it was a very seamless and easy process with help all the way through. Everything was very efficient and the team were friendly and helpful.

9.5 / 10
Moved from Melbourne to Grasse

Great experience

9.5 / 10
Moved from Berlin - Melbourne

Very positive overall experience – considering difficult of logistics timing due to Covid and Ukraine.
Amy our personal move manager was always very helpful and answered all of our questions quickly and professionally.
The movers were timely, and very competent and courteous.
We would use Schmidt Global Movers again, and would recommend them to others.

10 / 10
Moved from Sydney to Paris

Very professionnal

Rudiger Woggon
10 / 10
Moved from Beijing to London

Having heard from colleagues about their previous experiences with other relocation companies (where cloth arrived damp and smelly, and dishes broken), I was somewhat concerned. But I found that all my belonings were in excellent condition, nothing at all damaged, broken or damp.

10 / 10