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Moving to Australia is a big step. Schmidt Global Relocations will gladly help you emigrate and move Down Under. We have strategic partners in different parts of the country, which enables us to support you on the spot as well.

Before you go

Emigrating to Australia isn’t something that can be arranged in one day, nor can your international move. To be eligible to work in Australia, for instance, you will need to obtain a visa giving you permission from the Australian Government. It goes without saying that you need to apply for this visa well in advance of your move. Several factors play a role in obtaining a visa. You can find more information about this on the Australian government’s website:

Different freight options to Australia

People generally opt for sea freight. This can be done as FCL (Full Container Load), which means the entire container is for one customer. The most cost-effective option is as groupage shipment in sea freight where several families moving to Australia share a large sea container, with several removals in one container. The advantage is that this reduces costs, but transit times are sometimes longer than when you have your own FCL container. Delivery times vary per type of cargo: from 8 weeks for a personal container door-to-door, to 10 to 14 weeks for groupage. It is also possible to opt for LCL (Less than Container Load), ideal for small households. The household contents are then usually loaded into a box so nothing can get lost. Transit time is often relatively short, but if you want to receive your items in the minimum time, you can always opt for air freight. This will arrive within a couple of days, but is more expensive.

moving to Australia with Schmidt
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” Really very happy with this company! Sander handled our job and I would highly recommend him. I found him to be very professional and attentive with all my queries. 6 starts out of 5!! “

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Quarantine inspection

No matter how large or small your shipment to Australia is, from a single box to a whole container, all goods are put into quarantine as a biosecurity measure; as an island, Australia protects its flora and fauna. A customs officer inspects all the goods and decides whether treatment such as gamma irradiation or fumigation is needed to kill any organic traces. This check takes between ten and fourteen working days. Any costs for fumigation or gamma irradiation are paid by the owner of the goods. Please take this into account before packing your items. Always check bikes and shoes for traces of sand and mud, and wood for holes which may contain insects. The list below contains other common items you should pay attention to. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your personal Move Manager.

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As removal experts, we have a wide network of affiliated removal firms at our disposal, enabling us to assist you on site. Before you move, we would like to point out that it is important to note that the following items are prohibited:

  • Animals or animal products, plants, legumes, fruits
  • Drugs or narcotics
  • Earth or sand (pay attention to places where this can still be found, such as bike tires, soles of shoes, etc.)
  • Pinecones or pine needles, which are often found in Christmas decorations
  • Straw baskets or other straw products

You must have the following documents if you are going to emigrate to Australia:

  • Copy of passport (photo and signature page)
  • Copy of visa or e-visa approval
  • Your packing list (in English)
  • Alcohol inventory (if applicable)
  • Completed B534 customs form
  • For all your questions about your international move you can contact your personal Move Manager. As committed specialists, we supervise your move to Australia and take care of every detail. That’s what we call: ‘Guiding your way Home’.

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