Get to know Schmidt Global Relocations: Global Agent Relations Mika Bruun

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If anyone has a lot of experience in the moving world, it’s Mika Bruun. He has been active in this industry since early 2000 when he started his own manpower company specialized for removals. Besides running the company he also acted as packer and a driver in his home country Finland. He moved to East Africa in 2007. There he worked for 7 years as a Sales Manager and two years as a Managing Director at a large international moving company. He then moved to Asia for the same company to work there as Country Manager for three and a half years. Today, he works at Schmidt Global Relocations in the role of Global Agent Relations.

Curious how he ended up at Schmidt and what he likes most about his job? Then read on quickly!

The perfect job at the perfect time

In 2022, Mika came into contact with Rene Suurland, Operations Manager at Schmidt. “He told me that a job was opening up at Schmidt and whether I would like to fill it. That seemed like the perfect opportunity to me,” says Mika. Why? “After living in developing countries for 15 years, I wanted to return to Europe. Schmidt offered me the perfect job at the perfect time. That is why I started as Global Agent Relations at Schmidt in December 2022,” he continues.

No day is the same

He certainly does not regret that decision, because he really enjoys his working days. What does an average working day look like for him? “That is different every day. Every day I make sure that I build a strong and personal relationship with our customers in order to improve their experience with Schmidt,” says Mika. And what does he like most about it? He continues: “That no day is the same and that I broaden my knowledge in the global B2B market.”

Best of both worlds

Do you want the best of both worlds? Then, according to Mika, you should definitely come and work at Schmidt: “Schmidt is small enough to experience a family feeling and to work with short lines of communication. And big enough to work at a company with a global chain of partners and operations. And let’s not forget: Schmidt really invests in its staff. So do you want to learn something? Then you can certainly do that at Schmidt. Mika also hopes to put his footprint within the company and take Schmidt to a higher level in the coming years.

Are you also looking for a job at a fast-growing international moving company? We still have a number of open vacancies. Find them here, apply directly and who knows, you might soon become Mika’s colleague.

Together with his colleagues, Mika ensures that the removal of your private belongings runs smoothly. Everything to make your international move as comfortable as possible.

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