Application Exemption permit for removal goods

As per 1-1-2015 Dutch Customs speeded up the process for exemptions on the import of household goods and motor vehicles. The importing moving company will have to perform a pre-check. The pre-check is done via this completed document and the requested additional ‘proof’. The final review and approval for the exemption will be done by Dutch Customs.
Dutch Customs will maintain the right, after release under exemption, to

  • perform a physical check and or scan the goods
  • levy importduties up to 36 months after the exemption is granted if the the imported goods and possible motor vehicles do not meet the required conditions and/or the required enclosures are not available / incorrect.

Instructions for use
This form is used to apply for an Exemption permit for removal goods.
Such a permit allows you to import goods into the Netherlandsexempt from taxation. The goods in question are destined for the Netherlands or another country
of the European Union.

To obtain the permit you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • You are moving from a country outside the European Union to the Netherlands, and you are going to live in the Netherlands or another country of the European Union.
You are thereby transferring you habitual residence to the European Union.
  • You lived outside the European Union for at least twelve consecutive months.
  • You have owned and used the goods for at least six months.
  • You have used the goods and are going to use them again.
  • You are importing the goods within twelve months of coming to live in the Netherlands or another country of the European Union.
  • You are not going to lend out, pledge, hire out or transfer ownership of the goods within the first twelve months after the date on which they were imported.

The exemption does not apply to the following goods:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • commercial vehicles
  • non-portable materials for business purposes.

Are you also importing a means of transport? You should specify this in question 5.
Is the means of transport a car or motorcycle? And is that vehicle exempt from tax on import?

The following documents should be enclosed with your application:

  • a copy of your passport (photo page), including your visa if necessary
  • signed inventory listing of the personal goods prepared by the removal company at origin and signed by you on every single page -The certificate of registration in the personal records database of the Municipality in the Netherlands.

This certificate must show that and on which date you settled in the Netherlands. If you can not show this certificate then you need to send; – proof of de-registration from the country of origin along with this you need also send comparable documentary evidence demonstratin that you will settle in the Netherlands.

  • your employment contract
  • your employer’s statement
  • your work permit
  • Your rental contract or mortage certificate for the home you are moving to

Do you want to import a car, motorcycle or some other means of transport? In that case enclose a copy of:

  • the vehicle registration certificate
  • the receipt or proof of ownership
  • insurance certificate for the last year

Answer the questions in full. You may also use this form to report any changes in your situation. In that case answer only question 1 and the question or questions to which the changes relate. If there is not enough space to finish answering a question , you should continue your answer on an extra enclosure. Place your name and signature on each enclosure.

1. Applicant

State here your new address in the Netherlands or other country of the European Union.


Kies je move manager


2. Your new situation in the Netherlands or other country of the European Union


Ja, ga verder met vraag 2c
Nee, ga naar vraag 2b





Studeren of een opleiding volgen
Anders, namelijk


Ja, ga naar vraag 3


3. Your situation in the country outside the European Union

These questions relate to the period you lived in a country outside the European Union before moving to the Netherlands or other country of the European Union.




Huurwoning, stuur een kopie van de huurovereenkomst mee
Koopwoning, stuur een kopie van de koopovereenkomst mee


Nee, ga naar vraag 4
Ja, vul het adres en de plaats in

4. Have you previously lived in the Netherlands or another country of the European Union


Nee, ga naar vraag 5



Studie of opleiding
Anders, namelijk

5. Means of transport


Nee, ga naar vraag 6
Ja, auto
Ja, aanhangwagen
Ja, caravan
Ja, motor
Ja, pleziervaartuig
Ja, sportvliegtuig
Anders, namelijk


Wat zijn de gegevens daarvan? Voert u meer vervoermiddelen in?

6. Animals

Note: You may only bring domestic animals into the Netherlands if they are pets and not intended for sale or commercial purposes.
For certain kinds of animal special conditions apply. For more information call the Customs Tax Phone number 0800 – 0143. If you are calling from abroad call +31 45 574 30 31.


Nee, ga naar vraag 7
Ja, vermeld de diersoort(en) en het aantal per soort

7. Other exemptions from tax


Nee, ga naar vraag 8





8. Date of entry


9. Signature

The undersigned is aware of the fact that withholding information and / or untruthfully completing this form could lead to levying of customs duties, VAT and excise if your situation does not meet the conditions under which the goods and any motor vehicle may be imported into the Netherlands / the European Union under exemption.
Customs can levy duties, VAT and excise even after the import is completed.
By signing this document the undersigned also states that he / she will bear the financial penalties imposed by Customs and will pay these directly to Customs within the given deadline.