A move to Switzerland demands a reliable removal company

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In 2009, Willemien de Graaf, her husband and two children (aged 10 and 4 at the time) moved from Rotterdam to Switzerland. After a headhunter alerted her husband to a job in Switzerland, at first, she thought things wouldn’t move so fast. However, nothing proved to be further from the truth. Ultimately, Willemien arranged the complete move within two months, calling upon Schmidt Global Relocations to help. In this interview, she tells us why she’d recommend Schmidt to everyone.

A trustworthy impression

In order to arrange the move from Rotterdam to Dietikon, Willemien went looking for a removal company. “Nowadays, of course, we have lots of social media, but things were different then,” she says. “I just searched on the internet and requested quotes from three companies, including Schmidt. After that, Ben Schmidt came to our house to estimate the cost. In our case we didn’t have to pay for the move ourselves, so money wasn’t really an issue. However, we rejected one of the quotes because it was €4,000 higher. It clicked straight away with Ben, and he already specialised in moves to Switzerland. When you’re moving abroad for the first time, feeling able to trust the removal company is important. After all, your belongings are in a removal van for two days. With Ben, things felt good from the start, so we went with him.”

Efficient planning and personal service

When Switzerland came into the picture, Willemien had a successful catering company. “At first, I wasn’t all that eager to emigrate, but when my husband was hired, I immediately sprang into action,” says Willemien. “I gave up the company, sold the house and set everything in motion. The move was arranged and taken care of within two months. This was probably quite a challenge for Schmidt, too, because it was during the summer holidays, a period in which many people with children want to move if they go abroad. When the time came, a removal team from Schmidt came round and packed up and loaded everything. Very respectable and friendly guys! That evening, we watched the Dutch national football team play and the next day, the children and I followed the removal van. My husband had left for Switzerland earlier and stayed in a hotel in the meantime.”

It was ten years ago, but Willemien’s family still maintain regular contact with the people at Schmidt. “We still talk to Ben and many of his staff members on a regular basis. For example, he’ll drop in when he’s in the area and every now and then some of the staff members stay overnight. They don’t just stay the night but join us for a meal and something to drink. When you’re moving abroad, the most important thing is that you have a good feeling about it and that’s certainly the case here. From the office workers to the drivers and removal teams, they are all trustworthy, friendly people. It’s not just a service from A to B; the personal touch carries on even after the move. In recent years, I’ve regularly recommended Schmidt to other people. As far as I’m concerned, this is the company for a move to Switzerland,” Willemien says in conclusion.

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